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Increase your business’s reach with our email newsletter service. Perfect for busy and growing SMEs, this service offers regular newsletters on a flexible schedule, ensuring consistent engagement with your audience.

Benefit from professionally designed newsletters, optimised layout, impactful imagery and engaging copy. Starting from just £95 per newsletter.

What’s included?

Boost engagement and reach through email

We ensure your message is clear and impactful, reaching your audience at the right time. Email newsletters are a great way to keep your audience engaged when they aren’t on social media.

For our current clients we use email newsletters to promote new and ongoing offers, exclusive discounts, give behind-the-scenes company updates, promote partners and suppliers, and act as relevant industry news sources.

B2B newsletters

Tailored content for business-to-business audience engagement

B2C newsletters

Directly connect with consumers using targeted email content

Content creation

Craft engaging, brand-specific newsletter content

Subject lines

Eye-catching subject lines to increase email open rates

List management

Efficient management of your subscriber database

Platform management

Expert handling of MailChimp (alternative software management available)

Sales & promotions

Promote offers effectively through targeted e-newsletters

News & updates

Regular business updates to keep your audience informed

Why outsource your newsletters?

Our newsletters are designed to support SME's like you

When it comes to email marketing, optimisation is essential. Everyone’s inbox looks different, but you need to make sure your newsletter looks and conveys the same wherever your email lands. 

Trusty Social specialises in supporting SMEs with their email newsletter campaigns.

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